Why Every Writer Needs an Editor

It’s almost impossible to edit your own writing. Our brains see what we think should be on the screen or page rather than what is actually there. Maybe you can relate to one of these scenarios:

Sarah had all the qualifications for the job. In fact, she was the perfect candidate. Unfortunately, after submitting her résumé and cover letter, she noticed three mistakes spell check didn’t catch. After all, contemplatedefiant and to were spelled correctly. The problem was the words should have been competentdefinite and too!

Michael ripped the tape off the box marked “Priority Mail.” He had a big speaking engagement that night, and the participants had been promised a signed copy of his latest book. The pride he felt holding the book on which he had worked so hard was replaced with dread in an instant. The title should have read, Now You’re a Writer. Instead, in bold red lettering it said, Now Your a Writer. He knew better! How, he wondered, did that get past him?

Before you waste your money on reprinting fees or make a mistake that costs you the perfect job, have your work proofread and corrected by a professional. Click on Services to learn what I can do for you.